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Custom guitar picks are personalized guitar picks that you can design yourself and get printed up for you or your band, and you can customize the pick’s color, type, thickness, print color, etc.

I got a batch of 100 custom guitar picks printed up to promote Band Guitar Picks. Because the picks are done on Rainbow Celluloid, each one looks slightly different. These picks were made by and they are black and white print on Rainbow. Unfortunately Pick Guy has since gotten out of the pick making business.
band guitar picks
I just got my second batch of custom guitar picks made – this time from EGOPicks. The blue pick has a metallic periwinkle print color, and the black pearl / charcoal pick has a metallic hot pink print color. Guitar pick collectors may notice the picks are a homage to Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent, and Helloween. And there are Ace Frehley-inspired stars too.
custom band guitar pickscustom band guitar pick

Before I started this website, I got some custom ones printed up for myself, just for fun. These are silver on see-through surf green green Fender picks. These cool guitar picks were done by PickWorld. I also got pink ones done, and you can see one in my Pickbandz bracelet.
custom guitar pickcustom guitar picks


Pick Guy
Update: Pick Guy is no longer making custom picks:( Currently, though, they are selling some unique-shaped Xtreme Grip picks on their site. When I ordered from Pick Guy, I got my picks in about 3 weeks, and they look great (if you like unicorns. haha) Pick Guy is located in the United States.

Grover Allman
Grover Allman is the same company as Pick Guy as far as I can tell, although they have an Australian address, while Pick Guy is located in the United States. So if you are in the United States, go with Pick Guy, and if you are in Australia, go with Grover Allman. They also accept International orders. They offer the same guitar picks as Pick Guy.

PickWorld prints on Celluloid, Delrin, and PVC and they also offer heart-shaped guitar picks. They also do color photo picks, as well as hot stamping. I wanted to get my Jen picks hot stamped, but I remember them telling me the print wears off easily and it costs more, so I just went with standard silver pad printing. My Jen guitar picks look great, but it took forever to get them (like 2 months) but that was like 5 years ago! Minimum pick orders are for 100 picks. They also do hole drilling in picks. PickWorld is located in the United States.

InTune prints guitar picks for so many bands out there – their client list of famous bands is a mile long. They print on Delrin – GrippX and Celluloid picks, and they offer hole drilling (which sounds dirty). Aside from the usual colors, they also offer camouflage and Glow In The Dark guitar picks. Their minimum pick order is for one gross (144 picks). They only do single color printing. InTuneGP is located in the United States.

Steve Clayton
Steve Clayton USA prints guitar picks on Acetal, White Delrin, White Pearl, Colored Pearl, Color Delrin, Pink Delrin, Ultem, Black Cellulloid, and Glow In The Dark. They do hot stamp foil in four colors, plus they do full color picks. Batches start at 100 picks (unless you want text only, which starts at batches of 30). Steve Clayton has been printing pro guitar picks for 30 years now! Steve Clayton is located in the United States.

Jim Dunlop
Jim Dunlop offers custom imprinted picks, but they have minimum orders of 800 picks (but you can mix and match colors). Tons of bands use Dunlop custom picks. They offer Dunlop Polys in 5 colors, Shell Classics Plectra in 5 colors including pearl black, pearl white, confetti, and tortoise-color. They also have a gels series in 5 see-through colors, Delrin 500 series in varying gauges (including extra heavy), and purple and pink colors (yay). Finally they have Tortex picks in 6 colors, and the Gator Grip series in 6 colors. Jim Dunlop is located in the United States.

D’Andrea USA offers custom imprinted guitar picks, but the batches start at 1500 picks! You can mix and match colors, and get the picks in bags, or in a fishbowl. They offer Celluloid in 6 pearl colors, Formula Delrex in a variety of colors, as well as heart-shaped Delrex picks. They also have Pro-Grip Brites (neon fluorescent colors, as well as Glow In The Dark white Delrin), transparent V-Resin in 6 colors (these are like the Fender see-through picks), V-Resin, and Vintage Celluloid (Abalone, Clown Puke, Confetti, Turqoise, Tortoise-color). D’Andrea is located in the United States.

Pickfactory offers custom printed guitar picks in 8 pick colors and 4 pick print colors, and they sell picks in any quantity that you want (there’s no minimum). They now sell digitally printed photo picks, so you can put a color photo on a pick! They also offer punched holes in the guitar picks, plus they do personalized drumsticks. PickFactory is located in Norway.

EGOPicks offers several colors including confetti (looks like rainbow), pearl purple, pearl green, pearl light blue, pearl oyster, pearl pink, tortoise-color, as well as solid colors. They offer imprinted colors in a variety of exciting colors like prism, rainbow, holographic silver, metallic silver, metallic gold, metallic hot pink, and several other metallic colors. Depending on the size of your order, you can also choose more than one pick color or print color with your order.

Walther Geipel
This guitar pick company is located in Germany, and they make really great looking celluloid and nylon picks. Their clients include the bands Bonfire and Primal Fear, and I have been told they make Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick’s guitar picks. Their picks come in a variety of colors, and they do hot stamping in gold and silver. I don’t know how much custom picks cost, or what quantity you must order them in – you would have to contact them to find out.

Custom Pick info
I wish there was a pro guitar pick company in Vegas – that would be my dream job! The above list includes the biggest, most popular guitar pick makers, but there are lots more out there. Each website will give you instructions on how to create your artwork and submit it to them, and they will probably show you proofs before your guitar picks are actually printed. When comparing custom guitar pick companies, I first chose the type of pick I wanted, and then I compared prices and turn-around time. Next time around, I want to get picks that are hot stamped with metallic print.

If you want a really small batch made, some eBay sellers offer small sets of personalized guitar picks. On eBay, search for: “personalized guitar picks” or “custom guitar picks.” Please note that I only have personal experience so far using two of these custom guitar pick companies, so I can’t vouch for the quality or service of the other companies, but I assume it’s good, or they wouldn’t be so popular! Some of these companies also have band endorsement programs.

Finally, if you think you can get fake band guitar picks printed up through these companies, think again! They will not print up copyrighted logos and band names (unless you are with the band), so you won’t be able to print up fake KISS or U2 guitar picks – it’s not gonna happen! If I’ve missed an awesome custom guitar printing company, let me know!



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  1. Mike Heinen on October 10th, 2009 5:22 pm

    Your picks are so cool looking! Thanks for the trade!

  2. Calli Cushing on March 29th, 2011 11:58 pm

    I have a band and i want to make some custom picks with my band name and my signature on the back. what website does that??

  3. cesar on June 6th, 2011 12:50 pm

    Hi Guy, my name is Cesar and i´m a brasilian pick collector too,
    congratulations for your collection
    best regards

  4. Stephie on August 1st, 2012 8:37 pm

    Guthrie Thomas makes all Willie Nelson’s picks.

  5. Stephie on August 16th, 2012 11:13 pm

    Follow up… I just had picks printed by Guthrie Thomas stamped with green foil lettering and a green holographic image. I got 200 picks printed on both sides and the price was unbelievably low. You should really check him out!

  6. Wendy Gilmore on June 8th, 2013 6:06 am

    Guthrie Thomas is right there in Las Vegas with you! He does amazing work and his prices are extremely reasonable! Please check him out and tell him Wendy and Tiffany sent you!

  7. JR on March 21st, 2016 2:16 am

    Hey Jen,

    Looking to trade personal customs with you. Let me know what you think or if you’re in to it. Mine can be viewed here

    Alberta Canada

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